1. peerintothepast:

    Pfc. “Thorn” dressed in an MPs uniform and helmet somewhere in England where he serves as guard dog on an airfield. 1944 #WarDogs

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  2. pulpfanfiction:


    Print it.  Fuck it.

    am i supposed to laugh at “print it. fuck it.” or the fact that the dude is the fucking same guy as the little advertisement in the same position im so confused

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    a hole

    this could be us but you playin

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  7. humansofnewyork:

    "What’s your favorite thing about her?"
    "Her intelligence."
    "What’s a time that she really impressed you with her intelligence?"
    "Every single day. She’s the CFO of my company."

  8. collegehumor:

    It’s Not Porn…

    It’s HBO.

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