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    shinkawa you should have known better

    Look at his fucking broken face. Kojima probably walks into his office daily and is like “Hey Shinkawa I need you to give Sean Connery Doc Oc arms and a bunch of swords and a P90” and he’s just like fuck it man whatever

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    One Line Movie Review

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    This is the president of GAZ Group showing me one of the new GAZon trucks made by his plant in Nizhny Novogorod. I was not too impressed until he told me how many anti-war protesters could be clubbed and thrown in the back. He had me at “dozens”.

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    A bulldog named Venus stands at the helm of the HMS Vansittart, a British Destroyer, c.1941

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    Because I could.

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    @seikowatchusa 6138-0040 Bullhead today #womw #wornandwound


    1. Girl walks by guy and he gets hard
    2. Girl: Boys are so weak, just walking by gets your dicks hard
    3. Guy: Bitch I was thinking about Metal Gear Solid V so unless you can provide me with Tactical Espionage Action in 1080p at 60fps get that bullshit away from me